Galp must fall!

Galp is the main player based in Portugal in the destruction of the planet and in the climate crisis.

Galp has ongoing fossil fuel projects in 11 countries and 4 continents with the most corrupt and destructive multinationals in history such as Exxon, ENI, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Petrobras, Shell, Chevron and Total.

It has two refineries (Sines and Matosinhos) among the top 10 most polluting companies in Portugal and, until very recently, it had an oil exploration project in the Alentejo Coast that was blocked by popular plea and consequently canceled.

Galp puts money on several fossil gas projects, together with a fake speech on energy transition, selling gas – a fossil fuel – as green solution.

Galp is a major actor in portuguese politics, much more stable and crucial than any state institution or political party, with organic international connections, as shown by in the multiple events of revolving doors and in scandals such as the Galpgate.

Galp is a symbol of extractivism in Portugal, not only environmentally but also socially.

Galp’s executive chairman, Carlos Gomes da Silva, earned a total gross remuneration of 1.76 million euros in 2018, 35 times the average salary of the company’s workers.

Galp is the perpetuation of portuguese colonialism.

Galp’s consortium in Mozambique for gas exploration in the north, close to the border with Tanzania, is involved in the militarization of the region by state and private forces that are expelling local communities from the coastal areas to build infrastructures to support the sea operations. The Mozambican army is active in the Cabo Delgado region and hundreds of families have been expelled to ensure the ongoing projects are safe.

Galp must fall.

Galp not only has to fall, but also has to pay for the climate crisis and for causing or feeding the violation of human rights.

Galp’s business model, based on profits and not on the people or the planet, has to come to an end.

The fossil economy must fall.

Capitalism must fall.

Join us on the 24th of April, Friday. We are going to contest the Annual General Galp’s Shareholders Meeting 2020.

Why this action?

Because it is necessary to:

  • DISMANTLE GALP by any legal, economic and political means necessary
  • ensure a JUST TRANSITION for the fossil industry workers
  • ensure REPARATIONS for affected communities and ecosystems
  • build a public and 100% renewable ENERGY DEMOCRACY for all