April 22nd | Action Briefing for English-speaking Activists

On April 24th, Galp, the main oil company in Portugal is holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM – the shareholders’ meeting).

Inspired by the Shell Must Fall and BP or Not BP campaigns, and in coordination with the Digital Climate Strike, we are organizing GALP MUST FALL.

We demand:

  • DISMANTLE GALP by any legal, economic and political means necessary
  • Ensure a JUST TRANSITION for the fossil industry workers
  • Ensure REPARATIONS for affected communities and ecosystems
  • Build a public and 100% renewable ENERGY DEMOCRACY for all

Our action will be:

  • online and offline
  • inside and outside of the AGM
  • in solidarity with the frontline communities, namely in Mozambique where Galp is part of a fossil gas consorsium, and with the workers who lost their jobs with the recent lay-offs
  • with a bunch of artivist elements on social networks, and also an online march/demo from 15:00 until 18:00 Portuguese time.

Read the call for action here.

On April 22nd, Wednesday, at 19h00 Portuguese time (see poster for other timezones), we are organizing an online Action Briefing through Big Blue Button (https://meet.nixnet.services/b/cli-dpd-fnn) for English-speaking activists.

Join us and let’s make the fossil industry fall!

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